Follow-up to uncontacted tribe story

This is kinda weird:

They are the amazing pictures that were beamed around the globe: a handful of warriors from an ‘undiscovered tribe’ in the rainforest on the Brazilian-Peruvian border brandishing bows and arrows at the aircraft that photographed them.

Or so the story was told and sold. But it has now emerged that, far from being unknown, the tribe’s existence has been noted since 1910 and the mission to photograph them was undertaken in order to prove that ‘uncontacted’ tribes still existed in an area endangered by the menace of the logging industry.

Full Story: Guardian Observer

I just re-read the original story from the Daily Mail, and I don’t see any mention of the idea that this was a previously unknown tribe, merely uncontacted. In fact, it’s noted in the article that this was just one of about 100 uncontacted tribes in the world. I also looked at the Survival International site when the story broke and didn’t get the idea from that site that this tribe was a new discovery. So if they were trying to mislead me, they failed. It sounds more like a lot of people have poor reading comprehension skills rather than deception on the part of Survival International.

Update: Ross at Ectoplasmosis has pretty much the same reaction I do

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  1. When I read that article I remember thinking, Whats the big deal? We haven’t contacted them but we know of them, so leave em alone.

    Apparently that’s not how everyone else read it?

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