The celebrity atheist list

The celebrity atheist list is just what it sounds like: a large list of notable atheists. I recently commented at Dedroidify that atheists are not all jaded office workers and evil scientists, but many are artists, writers, etc. I think everyone will find a few people who enhanced their lives.

The Celebrity Atheist List

Here are a few of my favorites:

Douglas Adams
J.G Ballard
George Carlin
David Cronenberg
Warren Ellis
Brian Eno
Theo van Gogh
Eddie Izzard
Billy Joel
Milan Kundera
Bruce Lee
Sir Ian McKellen
Frank Miller
Friedrich Nietzsche
Gary Numan
Trent Reznor
Bruce Sterling

I would add to the list Haruki Murakami.

(And of course, one could write such a list for every major religion. My point here is that spirituality is not required for creativity and inspiration.)


  1. Still keeping an open mind about God, but I definitely believe in Brian Eno. Is it OK if I continue to worship Brian Eno?

  2. I have heard David Bowie describe himself as a ‘reluctant atheist’. Many of his early songs have talked about god, in an atheistic kind of way so it did not surprise me.

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