SMS Addiction Awakens ‘Sleep-Texting’ Phenomenon

“Drinking and texting is a recipe for disaster, but you’re not likely to text an ex when you’re asleep in bed, right? Wrong, ’cause some now suffer from a sleep-texting affliction, it’s been claimed. According to a report by Texan newspaper The Star, a 24-year old Italy, Texas woman recently awoke to discover that she’d sent several text messages to her boyfriend – while she was fast asleep.

Although Jessica Castillo’s Pantech C300 phone required her to go through 11 menu options before reaching the text message screen, her state of slumber still didn’t prevent her typing out and sending a vaguely coherent message. Dr Ron Kramer, a spokesman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, claimed that sleep-texting is entirely possible because ‘texting for some of the younger generation is probably as ingrained as driving is for some’.

(via The Register)


  1. As ingrained as driving?! I think Dr. Kramer takes for granted the age at which people are using digital media.

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