First Look: J.J. Abrams’ Fringe

Yep, shillin’ for the mainstream media again:

Forget Lost’s Flight 815 and fasten your seat belts for Flight 627.

The pilot episode of upcoming TV show Fringe, directed by Lost executive producer J.J. Abrams, is a twisty-turny tech thriller replete with a doomed airplane, hairless weasels, rooftop chases in the Bourne Identity vein, acid-tripping federal agents and more translucent skin than you can shake a fat-encrusted artery at.

Full Story: Wired


  1. As long as the mainstream stays this interesting, amen. I’ve been fucking astonished by the memes getting broken on network TV right now….Rushkoff must be happy, too!! His “media virus” prophecy has come to pass more than any of us dreamed.

  2. Great. Another hour of TV I’m going to have to give from my life to watch next season. Almost looks like Abrams might have seen Atlas Games’ “Over The Edge” somewhere.

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