Super High Me and and other marijuana documentaries reviewed at Alterati

Wes Unruh on Super High Me:

I was willing to give the documentary that doubt, because otherwise this film is little more than an unfunny schtick overshadowed by the importance of social upheaval the camera crew happens to connect with, seemingly unexpectedly.


In other words, this is not the time for a juvenile documentary, the stakes are too high (cough). Medical marijuana is shifting the debate around the tangled world director/writer/former Austinite Kevin Booth dives into with his documentary, American Drug War: The Last White Hope, a serious analysis of current drug enforcement. A long, thorough treatment of drug policy in how it formed and how it impacts today that was refreshing after the plodding and senseless Super High Me.

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  1. You’re just an idiot. It wasn’t supposed to teach you everything you need to know about medical cannabis, he’s a fucken comedian for cryin out loud. Get a life, I don’t see your documentary. Fucken dick

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