Salvia effects studied by U.S. Department of Energy

Brain-imaging studies performed in animals at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory provide researchers with clues about why an increasingly popular recreational drug that causes hallucinations and motor-function impairment in humans is abused. Using trace amounts of Salvia divinorum – also known as “salvia,” a Mexican mint plant that can be smoked in the form of dried leaves or serum – Brookhaven scientists found that the drug’s behavior in the brains of primates mimics the extremely fast and brief “high” observed in humans. Their results are now published online in the journal NeuroImage.

Full Story: Brookhaven National Laboratory

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  1. You don’t have to abuse saliva , what she does is actually abusing you…
    that solar wind and gravitational hoover vacuum you’re pulled trough.. my jaw is still stiffer than ever years after last time I smoked it.

    You sweat all you can in very few seconds , after the first times smoked we went back to the store asking for extract , extract proved more satisfactory but again very mild visuals of hexative glowing hive and immersions into the couch.

    Every time a barrier is apparent like you’re trapped and someone makes fun out of you in your boundaries , a female voice it’s for me.

    One time after couple bawls o’ 15x,after holding first till no smoke outs you inhaling the second feels like minutes and burns burns burns so a question asked when will it end, I couldn’t smoke in the living room so planned to get to the couch soon after hit this time , forgot about my plans immediately at inhale of second hit.

    A roller coaster ride of gnomes trough all of my body with them cheering at every part while me still standing dazzled there barely making it to the couch.

    Another time I smoked several joints and was lying to Dead Man OST, turned it off and made couple hits of same extract, this time flying trough a tunnel heard a neighbor tv , somebody began shuffling channels somewhere , every language heard thou understood and felt as if the universal translator with me for could I understand any spoken language or step into any of these speakers shoes.

    When opened eyes the buzz was strong amplifying back and forth, my tear crystallized with a silver stringed glowing grid that approached me and set into the distance.

    When a friend brought rolled pancakes with cheese a minute later and turned back to music I tasted the cake and immediately a fractal hyper surround came out as if of a UFO flying in zigzag near my face equipped with loudspeakers creating language with syllables that broke space.

    Felt distant for a while after smoking , None imports salvia to israel anymore , no demand after disappointing crowd.

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