1. Can I get away with and even be praised for throw ing infants off buildings for any other reason than religion? Is that, then, what religion is for – excusing the inexcusable? No, and yes.

  2. Michael Jackson knew truth.

  3. @Trevor Blake
    well brother i can’t swim myself and find horrifying infants underwater of swimming pools.

  4. Although the video says right up front that this is a Muslim practice, try and find an article that doesn’t describe this as an ‘Indian baby-tossing ritual.’ Kind of like 9/11 was an act of New York violence.

  5. Trevor – watch the video again, it says that Hindus do it as well.

  6. I repeat my challenge: try and find an article that doesn?t describe this as an ?Indian baby-tossing ritual.? Nowhere have I seen links to this video that speak of it as a Muslim practice or a Hindu practice.

    Because this is a religious practice, and because the West considers religion to be above criticism, and because this ritual is worthy of critcisim, it has been scrubbed of religion. Who are we to judge the morality or safety or common sense value of throwing children off buildings – when an invisible monster that lives in the sky told mom and dad to do it.

  7. I wrote the headline that sounded most accurate.The ritual is practiced in only one country (at least only one country mentioned in the video) – India. It is practiced by both of the major religions in that country (my guess is that it actually stems from an older Vedic ritual and has been carried on into modern religions, but I don’t know). The word “ritual” connotes “superstition.”

    (of course, now I’ll have people telling me I’m racist…)

  8. Alright, so i understand that this is part of their religion, but this really needs to stop! This is definitely NOT good luck. Do they not know what they are doing?? They are putting these babies lives at risk. What if they drop a baby, and he or she lands the wrong way and breaks a leg or arm? Or snaps their neck! Babies at that age also still have a soft spot on their head, and they have tiny little bones. they could die right on the spot! then what would they do!?!? have they thought about that one yet?..These babies do not deserve to be put threw something as horrible as this. Do you not see the fear in their eyes?? They are innocent, little, helpless babies. This is absolutely horrible, and i am 110 % against it, even if it is their religion. They should not be doing this to these poor babies, i watched a video and nearly cried. It’s so, so very wrong.

  9. WOW. that is soooo wrong.
    who do you people think you are?
    those are poor litlte babies.
    they cant protect themselves.
    you assholes.

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