Role of Hanuman in Esoteric Ramayana

“Vmalananda paused for a moment, and looked up to an image of Anjaneya, better known as Hanuman. His lip quivered almost imperceptibly with emotion as he spoke again.”Anjaneya flew to Lanka, located Sita, and assured her that Rama was coming to rescue her. Before returning to Rama with the news of Sita’s whereabouts Anjaneya allowed himself to be captured and taken before Ravana to make Ravana aware of the gravity of what he had done.

Then Anjaneya burned the city of Lanka to the ground, destroying Ravana’s lovely fantasy world. “Actually Sita was responsible for the burning of Lanka. Ravana’s minions wrapped Anjaneya’s tail in oil-soaked rags to torment him. But when they lit the rags Sita prayed to the god of fire to refrain from burning his flesh, and Anjaneya felt no burning. In fact, he felt a wonderfully cool sensation; he felt cool enough to go calmly about his work of destroying the city.

This prayer of Sita’s is actually a mantra; if you know it you can sit in the fire for years on end and not even one of your hairs will be singed. After all, Sita is shita, cool. Wah, Ma, wah! “Anjaneya was able to burn Lanka with the help of his tail. Think of the esoteric meaning here: Lanka stands for the Muladhara Chakra and the Earth Element.”

(via The India Post)

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