the intern tarot card

I. The Intern: He set his foot on the beginning of the path. He is the one of the he-doesn’t-work-here-he’s-just-an-intern. Formation and harsh exploitation merge in the same hour for the Intern. He is known for being the weakest and the one under the most uncertain condition, as well as for his optimism: unpaid jobs, petty cash, and three euros an hour of untaxable wages do not frighten him. The Manager asks him to wash his car during his coffee break, and his Estate is his parents. The Intern stands for the skill to learn the secrets of the companies and of his bosses while he is being abused for free. If matched with the Justice (very rarely!) this implies an unexpected lucky shot. If opening the game, the Intern stands for availability, innocence and bad luck. If closing the game, it stands for bad luck and nothing more.

Full Deck: Almanac of Precariomancy

(via Robot Wisdom)

This is one of the best “modern tarot” interpretations I’ve ever seen. Funny, well drawn, and heartbreakingly apt.