Could You Hang a Coat on This Art?

Coathanger Rabbit Stew

“David Mach, a sculpture and installation artist, creates art from wire coathangers.The way he makes these is to first make a mold of the figure and then create a hard plastic form around which the coathangers can be formed.

On his website he says, “When I have ideas I want to make them, and not just some of them, but all of them. As a result of that my sculpture covers a multitude of sins. I like to work in as many different materials as possible. It’s no understatement to say I am a materials junkie – jumping from highly-painted realistic cast fibreglass pieces to sculpture with coathangers, to a thatched barn roof laced with fibre-optics to designs for camera obscures (or at least the buildings to house them) and layouts for parks.”

(via Inventor Spot)

(David Mach’s site)


  1. with enough bait and strong enough line you feed an orthodox family for a week with that.
    and the skull, oh fish love pirate ships…

  2. I heard fish speak too, some said “don’t be fish” in hebrew of course. :0′ (al-ti-dag ?? ??(?)??) which is also “don’t worry” or “don’t panic”…
    The laws of interaction are l(o/a)ws of nature. God doesn?t perform miracles, one who believe in miracle is ignoring the true phenomena.

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