Herbie Brennan on attempt at evocation to physicality

Brennan recalls an experiment in ritual magic, an attempted spirit evocation to visible appearance that went curiously wrong. This is interesting, and in tune with what I’d like to see more of online. Albeit, it would be more phenomenal if they had recorded the officer being accosted by the entity during the evocation, but with more people studying and the availability of cameras, maybe we’ll see more firsthand accounts over time.

I, myself, have been studying the evocational methods in the Heptameron for some time now. But I admit, I have not reached a point where I am comfortable performing the rite yet.

Also, while I’m not overly fond of the term "wizard" in a serious tone, I do like its irreverence. Like Randal in Clerks II, reclaiming "porch monkey," perhaps we should work to reclaim wizard? If this sounds like a good idea to you, I’ve found some T-shirts on CaféPress that may be to your liking. I dig the first three:


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  1. He pauses after every sentence.. plus he has no videotape and hes advertising his book

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