What if Canada joined the U.S.


I don’t watch much tv, so I missed the ads for this miniseries. It aired its first part on Sunday and the finalé airs this Sunday. If anyone can find the .torrent, let me know. Sometimes it’s a pain finding Canadian media on the interwebs. Interesting premise, though:

Tom McLaughlin (Paul Gross), former Canadian prime minister, watches from the sidelines as a majority of Canadians vote for union with the United States of America. The Canadian flag comes down and the country is redrawn into six states.

In revenge, McLaughlin — secretly backed by three key European nations — runs as an independent for President with his ex-wife, Texas Governor Mary Miller (Martha Burns) as his running mate. An assassination attempt boosts his credibility with voters. Veteran British journalist Helen Madigan (Greta Scacchi) is probing the London shooting of her adopted son –- she too gets targeted for assassination after she uncovers a computer program designed to fix the votes in the next U.S. election. She believes McLaughlin is an honest broker and she looks to him to expose the corruption in President Stanfield’s (Tom Skerritt) current U.S. administration, an administration hell-bent on invading Saudi Arabia to cut off China’s oil supply.


  1. One of my Windsor pals was over this past weekend & mentioned this mini-series. I’ve been looking for torrents ever since, to no avail. Its an unfortunate name for searches, as most hits are virus-related. At any rate, I’d love to find a copy of its predecessor as well, H2O which also stars the Paul Gross character & involves a plot to divert Canadian fresh water resources. It sounds like a nice fit with a book I read recently entitled The Great Lakes Water Wars . More indicators that fiction precedes reality, IMO…

  2. What! Is this a horror show?

    Almost makes me wish I had cable.

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