McCain to campaign at Burning Man

Senator and presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain has rocked the political world by announcing his intention to bring his campaign to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert this summer, during the counter-cultural art event known as Burning Man.

“While our opponents would callously ignore them, this proud American believes that even temporary cities deserve the attention of the President of the United States,” said McCain senior staffer Mark Dosenberner. “We are proud that Black Rock City will be a stop on the ‘Straight Talk Express’ tour this summer.”

Full Story: Burning Man.

I think this might tip me over to the McCain camp. It shows that he truly values liberty.


  1. I’d imagine this is an April Fool’s joke. If not, it sure makes me less nervous if he wins.

  2. Yes it’s an April Fools joke.

    And there’s practically nothing that could ever make me even think about voting for him.

  3. Frankly, if McCain showed up at Burning Man, I think he’d lapse into an interminable Vietnam flashback and end up reenacting the last half hour of Apocalypse Now.

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