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Fox News journalistic masterpieces

Fox News. It’s hard to talk about greatest hits without mentioning their war coverage or their coverage of racial issues. As a political and cultural propaganda machine, there’s little outright funny about Fox News’s persistent distortion of reality. Or, if there is, the jokes on the people of the United States and the world.

But occasionally they have a real zinger. Some “hard hitting” piece of “journalism” where the joke really is on them. Here are Fox’s five journalistic masterpieces, after the fold.

5. The Nintendo DS, a target for child molesters:

OK, that’s not THAT bad. Sure it was based on unfounded hysteria, but a new technology should warrant some skepticism. It was over the top and laughable, but let’s move on…

4. Play Station Pornable:

Oh good, you can’t get hardcore pornography without a credit card…. right? This is basically Internet paranoia all over again. The Tubes are back… and this time, they’re PORTABLE!

3. Lesbian gang outbreak

So now we’re into sheer lunacy. Who the hell is this “expert” O’Reilly was talking to? SPL has some coverage of this segment.

2. Anonymous – hackers on steroids:

WTF SRSL. Wired said “This ‘news report’ is by far the funniest prank anyone on the board has ever pulled off.” Encylopedia Dramatica entry on Anonymous.

1. Jenkem: the human waste drug:

Uhhhh…. what can I say? Find out more about jenkem.

Banksy and Bristol article in the Telegraph

banksy wild wild west

It’s not just Banksy who is getting Bristol noticed at the moment. This year sees the release of new albums by a number of Bristol bands who first came to prominence in the mid-Nineties – Portishead, Tricky and Tricky’s former collaborator Martina Topley Bird. It also looks like being an unusually busy year for Massive Attack, who will also release an album as well as curating the Meltdown festival on London’s Southbank and playing at Glastonbury. Much of the music made in the Nineties by these bands has lasted particularly well. The Bristol creative scene, it would seem, was more than just a passing moment.

Full Story: the Telegraph.

links for 2008-03-28

Temple Ov Psychick Youth North America becomes Autonomous Individuals Network

From the TOPYNA site:

As of the end of Janurary 2008, the Temple Ov Psychick Youth North America will be directing all of its attention at the launch of the new phase in our communal growth, the AUTONOMOUS INIDIVUDALS NETWORK (AIN)

The ACTIVE membership status and current activites of the Network will remain in order and progress as they should. But the name of the Network and some of the key elements of the traditional initiate process will be changing. And all future publications and correspondence will reflect this name change.

Over the years the identity issue of TOPY in regards to its name, use of certain symbols, and basic origin, have constantly come under the scrutiny of those that wish to deny our exsistance and our WILL to CREATE a better way of interacting as magickal individuals on planet earth. We now boldly step up the task of “growing up”, and the time has come for us to exit our comfortable psychick womb and GO out into the universe as true INDIVIDUALS.

We welcome all interested parties to seek out our message and interact with us.
long live the memory of Thee Temple.. those who do not remember the past.. are forced by the hand of chance to repeat it..

Long live The Autonomous Individuals Network..
Individuals wanted… AIN23

TOPYNA Announcement.


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Gallery of various pop culture Last Suppers

last supper with James Woods and Robocop

Many many more: Popped Culture.

(Bill Whitcomb sent me this, watch out for his pop culture tarot essay in Immanion Press‘s forthcoming pop culture magic anthology, and the revised and expanded edition of his book The Magician’s Reflection)

Comparison of American and British views of religion and politics

Comparison of American and British views of religion and politics

Full Story: The Economist.

(Thanks Fenris!)

The Fauves – Tortured Soul (Grant Morrison Band + Superman Cartoon)

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Texas prosecutor says advocating for jury nullification is in itself a crime

Radley Balko writes:

Over at the blog of criminal defense attorney Mark Bennett, a Texas prosecutor has put up an astonishing guest post arguing that merely advocating for jury nullification is in itself a crime, and that the authors of the Time article have violated Texas law.


This is not only absurd, it’s reckless. It’s a direct attack on free expression by a government agent. He’s arguing that anyone in Texas who advocates for jury nullification is committing a crime-and by definition then risks prosecution. And this argument is coming from a man who has the power and the position to carry out just such a prosecution.

Full Story: The Agitator.

Previously: The Wire writers promote jury nullification in Time Magazine.

Tower Seven – Nick Pell

The seventh installment of Foolish People’s Ten Towers series, featuring Nick Pell, is available now.

Download from Foolish People.

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