Fitna the Movie

Update: see comments section for my thoughts on this film


  1. I am Disapointed that you have chosen to post this propaganda here.

  2. Jack Black: can you point out any factual errors in Fitna?

  3. Trevor – it does not have to contain factual errors to be propaganda, the film producers could in effect be lying by omission or otherwise presenting factually true information in a misleading way. Nor does it necessarily need to be misleading to be propaganda. Nor is “propaganda” necessarily a bad thing.

    I have not yet watched the film, but I will soon. I’ve taken decidedly anti-Islam and anti-religious positions in the past, but I’m not disseminating the film for those reasons – I’m posting it for anti-censorship and pro-free speech reasons. (I also posted a link to the Turner Diaries here a few years ago, even though much to the chagrin of Ron Paul supporters, I have little tolerance for racism).

  4. I have watched it.

    Its essentially just clips of say 9/11 or al-quada’s stuff spliced with quotations from the koran(without contents) to bluntly suggest that there is no real political motivation (palestinian occupation,or iraq war or such as motivation.) its so blatantly a call for genocide that it makes me want to convert to islam to be blunt.I’m sure it will cause waves in the ignorant masses and that is what it is meant to do.

  5. Jack,

    OK. Watched it. Yes, it is propaganda…

    But what makes you say it is blatantly a call for genocide? Saying “defeat Islamisation” the way Nazism and Communism were defeated is hardly a call for genocide.

    I think this movie is flawed in many ways:

    1) It never addresses the argument that violent and/or Jihadist Muslims are a small minority of Muslims. (Whether the argument is valid or not, to completely ignore it makes the film less persuasive.)

    2) It offers little advice on what to actually do about the problem. I didn’t get a sense that the film maker was advocating genocide, but I didn’t get any idea of a solution other than possibly tighter immigration controls (which I personally generally oppose because it gives those who would flee Islamic theocracies fewer options).

    Reading up on Geert Wilders, I’ve found more about his own views (many, perhaps most, of which I do not share). I can certainly see how this film would advance his agenda, if it were more convincing.

  6. I also agree that the lack of political context with regards to Israel and US foreign policy is a detriment to the film. Wilders is a supporter of Israel, so he won’t be interested any discussion about the influence of Israel on the cultural climate that allows these things to occur

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