There is Indeed a Reason to ‘Panic’: Quirky Pastor’s Art on Display

Robert Delford Brown is the strangest pastor I know.

And I don’t think he’d mind me saying that. (I checked, by the way.) In fact, being different from all the rest was part of why he founded the Church of the Exquisite Panic, Inc. in 1964.

Entrenched in the high experimentation of New York’s art scene in the 1960s, Brown wanted a way of marrying his modernist art with his need for a religion without barriers that would allow him as well as his art to be ever-questioning and ever-evolving.

So he came up with Funkupaganism, an Orthodox Pagan religion.”

(via Star News Online)

(Funkupaganism via Funk Up)


  1. I’m impressed, TV, that you’re still using Netscape!

  2. Nah, Fell. Just took a picture from off the site. But I’m impressed that you can even see what browser it is! 😉

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