What questions would you like to see asked in future interviews?

Okee-dokee, so last night I ran into an old acquaintance of mine whose recently moved back to Edmonton from his time being solitary in Saskatchewan. For anyone who grew up on Whyte Ave, there’s a good chance you know who this someone is.

I’ve been kicking around the idea — as has Klint, I’m sure — of doing some videos and interviews. I happen to know a handful of awfully swell, interesting folk up here in the Great White North, and I figure that since they’re in no way associated to the online occult community I’d maybe put the effort into bringing their insights to light via Technoccult.

And because I’m hardly smrt, I’d like everyone to chip in and throw in any questions you might have. Not just my acquaintance here, but most of the persons I would like to interview are exceptional and each has particular outlooks on the esoteric, life, and magic, all from different schools of thought. In time, I might explore everyone from skinhead magicians to yoga specialists to Reiki masters. Might as well, since I got ’em here in the city.

So post questions, if any. If nothing comes up, I’ll just have to make do talking about hockey and porn.


  1. My questions:
    1) Where do most forms of occult or esoteric pratice diverge, and where are the commonalities found?
    2) Where do you think the mind is located? Inside the brain? Outside the physical body? Distributed in random or non-random ways across the physical and subtle energetic bodies?
    3) What’s the best or most important experience you’ve had with your own esoteric practice? Any “magic” moments that brought greater clarity or a deeper sense of peace, or downright awe?

    Looking forward to the interviews!

  2. Thanks, Dr. Ding!

  3. I’d be interested to know as a sort of survey question to magick practitioners (or tantriks or cultural engineer types or what-have-you), was there an experience in childhood that directly informed their decision to follow their particular path or was it a latter day decision?

    I’d also like to know (from anyone you interview) who they most admire…

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