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I scored as a Transhumanist: Biotech, but I wish there was more room for “maybe” or “unsure.”


  1. Having answered everything about prolonging my life as NO and everything to do with food as YES
    i am in the orange area near the green one, Techno-shamaninja…

    which reminds me an article posted couple of weeks ago.

    Radio Free Cardiac Arrest

    Wifi ain?t free surfing of web on the budget of neighbors , not even it?s the increased radiation in schools , it?s unbelievably dangerous warfare.

    Yesterday evening when i get out to meet a female friend ,eat pizza ,i run into a neighbor of mine who lives door across, he?s on his way home, asks me “how is it going?”, how come i am out before the big macabi game begins.

    I told him that last game everybody fell alseep after they interrupted it till end with newscast of the killing of Yeshiva yamenka wearing student fellas in jerusalem.

    He tells me he watched the game at work , i ask where is it , he sais tech support of big isp ,then offbeat he turned to ask me had i a router at home explaining how he was having fun with neighbors internet connections

    @home for he has found some open ones? unsecure and even told me names of such, i told him that indeed i have one and that i?ve already found these names while i was trying to get online with my Nintendo DS, not being able to log into these i had to configure my router for wifi for i have found none working.

    When we meet at the pizzeria eventualy i tell about this meeting and she asks “isn?t Wifi dangerous” , “Like radioactive?” i answer with “probably less than a cellphone” and we move on.

    Today Stane sends me an article from WIRED , there mentioned experimentation on a pace maker, not inside of somebody off-course, there they discover the ease of causing death login into one trough WiFi for it isn?t , the pacemaker, securely encrypted.

    It lacks a password for emergency handling, but even with a password , in a matter of week, the heartill owners of the pacemakers in the building are kaput if you run brute-force password generator.

    Altought , they say it requires proximity , some even needle access (old generation), with a strong enough amp or in the elevator with custom software on your NDS cartidge at hand; there will be no neighbor.

    New generation of cyberpunk arises, hacking into people?s organs ,cerebral implants for epileptic seasures self-hacked to get high.

    Put your ds into friend-hunt mode that collects friends when you passby to knock out random stroke victims.
    maybe have i told my pizza eating partner that at time i would have got layed.

    It?s also an opportunity to quote an ex-nintendo?s ceo “Sony can suck on my tiny yellow balding left ball” replace sony with heart-ill people.

  2. i’m transhuman biotech!

  3. Why you gotta be ignint all your life?

  4. Yo, Trevor…dude, just take it easy, man…

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