In the months running up to her death Lady Jaye had been working on a large scale art project to canonize living saints, people who she felt worked selflessly for higher causes at their own expense. Of course Jackie fit this bill better than anybody and I don’t think that was lost on anyone except, perhaps, for her.

Jackie quietly lived ideals which other people pay lip service to at best. Walking to buy cigarettes with her once, she said to me, ‘Every religion in the world says to be kind to the people who have nothing, on the street, because after all, you never know who those people could secretly be.’ This was a philosophy I saw her put into practice again and again, with the people in her neighborhood, with her family, with her friends, with strangers, with me. Jackie had little time for the ‘old’ religions, as she called them, though she lived the simple human essence that many of them tried, and failed, to convey. Her generosity of spirit was shocking at times.

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