In parts one and two of our interview we discussed the history of the Koldun and their relationship to the Tarot. In this third installment we discuss how to find one’s Tarot Constellation, which form the basis for other Kolduny practices.

TiamatsVision– You mentioned that you use the Tarot Constellation for assistance in helping someone. How does one go about finding their Tarot Constellation?

NATALIA– The process of finding a person’s Tarot Constellation consists of first reducing the birth date down to a single digit. This is the Soul Number. Then find the Tarot card within the major arcana that is associated with that number. Next, you have to find the Persona and Will cards and then the Fate and Path cards. From there you look for the Hidden Influence, Visible Influence and the Inner Teacher cards.

NATALIA– To determine one’s Tarot Constellation you must first determine the Soul Number. To do this you add all the numbers of the birthdate up. Let’s say someone was born on 6-12-1955. Add 6+1+2+1+9+5+5=29. Now take and reduce 29 to its lowest single number which is 2+9=11, 1+1= 2. The person of this birthday has the soul of a 2. The second card of the major arcana is The Priestess. So you pull The Priestess card and the 2’s of all the suits. These twos are the Fates and Path cards. Next you find the Inner Teacher card. The easiest way to do this is to ask The Hermit card, which is a card that portrays one holding either a lantern or hourglass and is the 9th card of the major arcana. If a person has a Soul of a 2, you add 9 and you get 11, 1+1=2. The reason you ask The Hermit is because no matter what the Soul Number is, by adding 9 you get the Inner Teacher number which adds up to the Soul Number. Work it out and see. A soul number of 5? Add 9 you get 14, 1+4=5, The Temperance card. A Soul Number of 7? Ask the Hermit; add 9+7 and its 16, (1+6=7) The Tower.

The Soul Number, the numbers of the suits, and the major arcana numbers that add up to the Soul Number form the skeleton of the Tarot Constellation.

ANTON– This is important to understand, and it is the basis of the constellation. A soul of 2? 2 plus 9=11. 1+1=2, the original Soul Number. A soul of 3? 3 plus 9 =12, 1+2=3, and so on. If you know a Soul Number and ask The Hermit, you will not fail finding the Inner Teacher.

The point is that the Soul card, no matter what the number is, has an Inner Teacher card that when broken down and added up, matches the Soul Number. In every circumstance The Hermit card stands lighting the way.

TiamatsVision– What is the significance of the different cards (i.e. the Soul card, the Inner Teacher, etc.)?

NATALIA– The Soul card reflects what will please and perplex the individual. The Inner Teacher card is the card of the inner teacher. When this card comes up it means that the inner teacher has a message or lesson for you. This card should be trumped by placing a card over it sideways and then considering the card in both a positive and negative manner. Fate and Path cards are cards that show how a person will view the issues raised by the suits. Cups are interpersonal relationships and romance. Swords are conflicts and lusts. Wands are creativity and intellect. Pentacles are work, money, home and survival. Influence cards reflect what will influence the person, both visible and hidden. The Hidden Teacher is the reflection of the hidden lessons that one’s past has taught them. The Will and Destiny cards reflect how one will behave in a struggle and how they routinely respond to certain situations.

It seems very complicated and in some ways it is. But the constellation is the beginning of understanding what makes the individual tick.

The next three cards that you need for a person’s Tarot Constellation are the Persona cards. These cards are the Personal Potential Card, The Hidden Teacher Card and the Manner of Expression Card. These cards are based upon your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign and your Ascendant. Your Sun sign will be the Personal Potential card, your Moon Sign is your Hidden Teacher card and your Manner of Expression card will be the sign of your Ascendant.

The signs and cards align like this:

Aries– Queen of Wands

Taurus– King of Pentacles

Gemini– Knight of Swords

Cancer– Queen of Cups

Leo– King of Wands

Virgo– Knight of Pentacles

Libra– Queen of Swords

Scorpio– King of Cups

Sagittarius– Knight of Wands

Capricorn– Queen of Pentacles

Aquarius– King of Swords

Pisces– Knight of Cups

So if your Sun was in Libra then your Personal Potential Card would be the Queen of Swords. If your Moon was in Leo then your Hidden Teacher would be the King of Wands. If your Ascendant sign is Virgo then your Manner of Expression card would be the Knight of Pentacles.

The next cards to consider in the Tarot Constellation are the Visible and Hidden Influence cards. These are based upon planets that were either in the Midheaven or on the Ascendant at the time of birth. Planets in the Midheaven would be reflected by Visible Influence cards, while planets on the Ascendant would be reflected by Hidden Influence cards.

The planet and card associations are:

Mercury– The Magician

Venus– The Empress

Jupiter– The Wheel

Neptune– The Hanged Man

Mars– The Tower

Pluto– Judgment

Saturn– The World

Uranus– The Fool

The Sun– The Sun

The Moon– The Moon

If a person was born at noon with the Sun in the Midheaven, then the Sun card would represent a Visible Influence. Let’s say Jupiter was also in the Midheaven, then The Wheel would also be a Visible Influence card. Now let’s imagine that Pluto was ascending at the time of the person’s birth. Their Hidden Influence card would be The Judgment card. There are only 3 cards left to determine that will complete the Tarot Constellation.

The last three cards to determine in the Tarot Constellation are the Will cards of which one is the Destiny card. The Will cards are minor arcana cards that are associated with the Sun sign, and the time involved in the Sun sign. Each Sun sign in astrology is broken down into three deaconates. Each deaconate is represented by a minor arcana card. The minor arcana card that represents the actual date of birth is the Destiny card.

They break down like this:


March 21-30: 2 of Wands

March 31- April 10: 3 of Wands

April 11-20: 4 of Wands


April 21-30: 5 of Pentacles

May 1-10: 6 of Pentacles

May 11- 20: 7 of Pentacles


May 21-31: 8 of Swords

June 1-10: 9 of Swords

June 11-20: 10 of Swords


June 21-July 1: 2 of Cups

July 2-11: 3 of Cups

July 12-21: 4 of Cups


July 22-Aug. 1: 5 of Wands

Aug. 2-11: 6 of Wands

Aug. 12-22: 7 of Wands


Aug. 23-Sept. 1: 8 of Pentacles

Sept. 2-11: 9 of Pentacles

Sept. 12-22: 10 of Pentacles


Sept. 23-Oct. 2: 2 of Swords

Oct. 3-12: 3 of Swords

Oct. 13-22: 4 of Swords


Oct. 23-Nov. 1: 5 of Cups

Nov. 2-12: 6 of Cups

Nov. 13-22: 7 of Cups


Nov. 23-Dec.2: 8 of Wands

Dec. 3-12: 9 of Wands

Dec. 13-21: 10 of Wands


Dec. 22-30: 2 of Pentacles

Dec. 31-Jan. 9: 3 of Pentacles

Jan. 10-19: 4 of Pentacles


Jan. 20-29: 5 of Swords

Jan. 30-Feb.8: 6 of Swords

Feb. 9-18: 7 of Swords


Feb. 19-29: 8 of Cups

March 1-10: 9 of Cups

March 11-20: 10 of Cups.

To determine your Will cards go to your Sun Sign. To determine your Destiny card, go to the deaconate of your birth. This completes the Tarot Constellation. Each person has one which is totally unique to them alone. Some come close, but no two are exactly alike. It is like a fingerprint. The uses of the Tarot Constellation are numerous. Everything from Tarot readings, to herbal prescriptions, to talisman for spells; they all come back to the individual’s Tarot Constellation.

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