Meet the Fire God: He Cooks With His Hands

“I tell you, Chinese men are precious. They wont’s leave you starving even when a kitchen is not nearby. “The power of mind” can have a very realistic meaning in the case of He Tieheng, a mystic Chinese who does not need to keep a cooking machine in the house. That’s because the cooking machine is himself: he can cook food only using his mind power. The auto-denominated Fire God explains his unusual deeds through the use of the Qigong technique for focusing his psychopneumatological brainwaves on the food.

In front of a theater audience of 7,000, Tieheng made the fish start smoking and change color within a minute of holding it between his hands. “Afterwards he had black soot on his hands where the fish was singed,” said Mei Lee, 29, who witnessed this at The Lark Theater in Guangzhou (southern China). “I once cooked a carp thinking about a gas range belting out 1,000oC heat,” said Tieheng.”

(via Softpedia)


  1. Not too late for this man to pick up the Randi prize for demonstrating a paranormal skill.

  2. exactly what i was thinking, wonder would randi ditch him tho biased

  3. Perhaps Tieheng has bigger fish to fry. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t handle the money;>)

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