Flouoride May Damage Brain

“It is not clear that the benefits of adding fluoride to drinking water outweigh risks of neurodevelopment or other effects such as dental fluorosis, according to an Institute for Children’s Environmental Health report. Fluoride chemicals are added to two-thirds of U.S. public water supplies ostensibly to reduce tooth decay. Fluoride is found in dental products, supplements and virtually all foods and beverages.

“Excessive fluoride ingestion is known to lower thyroid hormone levels, which is particularly critical for women with subclinical hypothyroidism; decreased maternal thyroid levels adversely affect fetal neurodevelopment,” reports a prestigious committee of scientists and health professionals in a Scientific Consensus Statement on Environmental Agents Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Studies they reviewed and others link fluoride to brain abnormalities and/or IQ deficits.”

(via WYTV)


  1. I’m not so sure fluoride is good for you either…

    I double dare you to search fluoride + illuminati


    Oh noes!

  2. “That is the very reason the Illuminati has been expanding the consumption of fluoride ever since and what better way to suppress the minds of the population than through the public drinking water supplies? When we drink anything made from fluoride water, including beer and soft drinks, we are being slowly and consistently drugged. Fluoride is a byproduct of the aluminum industry and the scam to add it to public drinking water came from the Mellon family are big-time bloodline, close friends of the British royal family, and dictators of US policy through the Illuminati network.” Dang! Of course, I counteract this effect by not drinking anything that doesn’t contain caffeine. That makes smarter me.

  3. “Fluoride is found in dental products, supplements and virtually all foods and beverages.” Yikes! Who is the source for that remarkable piece of information? Is it “a prestigious committee of scientists and health professionals” – whoever that is? Or is the neutral, objective New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation?

    Unlike the reporter at WYTV, I actually checked the National Research Council report of March 2006 [linky] It say (get ready) that fluoride taken at toxic levels is toxic. Otherwise, “Past comprehensive reviews of the safety and effectiveness of fluoride in water have concluded that water fluoridation is safe and effective.”

    A worthy example of media scare stories, but that’s all.

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