The elusive G spot really does exist, say researchers

Doctors claim to have found the first compelling evidence that the G spot exists, but say not all women appear to have one.

Ultrasound scans revealed clear anatomical differences between women who said they experienced vaginal orgasms and a group of women who did not. The scans identified a region of thicker tissue where the G spot was rumoured to be lurking, which was not visible in the women who had never had a vaginal orgasm.

Doctors at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, where the study was conducted, say the findings make it possible for women to have a rapid test to confirm whether or not they have a G spot.

Full Story: The Guardian.

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  1. This “science” is assuming causation – that the G-spot is what causes the experience of vaginal orgasm. I beg to differ, that in my experience it is the vaginal orgasm which stimulates the growth and maturaty of the G-spot, through regular exercise of the pelvic floor muscles…. I propose that women who have not experienced vaginal orgasm would see a marked difference if they were to regularily practice kegels and develop those muscles.

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