alien mud cures illness?

People are flocking to wallow in the mud of 3 small remote ponds that locals in Peru believe to possess miraculous healing powers brought by alien space ships. Residents of Chilca – a dusty, desert town on the Pacific coast 40 miles (20 kilometers) southeast of Lima – claim that aliens altered the mud flats in town, infusing them with inexplicable healing powers.

It’s said that the lagoons cure everything from acne to rheumatism and boast plentiful cures. Ailing Peruvians arrive sick and in a short time set forth healed and revitalized.

The nutrient rich mud is applied to the skin as a natural peel that restores the cells of the skin and eliminates toxins. The secret of the cure is to bake in the sun, allowing the mud to thoroughly dry after utterly plying yourself from top to bottom with the medicinal muck.

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