Tattwas flash cards


Ikipr has scanned and uploaded a set of Tattwas flash cards:

Long ago my friend’s dad’s bookshelf used to be a place of wonder. Old Occult text from the 60’s and 70’s. Crowley Books with hippie fairies on the cover, versions of things I had never seen, books I would begin to read and later aquire myself to finish. Among the things we found there were a set of Tattwa ?flash cards.’ They were not the typical set of 5 tatwas but instead 22 hebrew letter corresponded combinations of the initial 5 tattwas. Our friend’s dad just gave them to us, he had been handed them on the street during the 80’s, never knew what they were, never used them, didn’t know where they came from either. Suprised the hell outta me since I knew he had the Golden Dawn book Regardie wrote laying around somewhere.

Info and Download: Phase II.

Updated download link: Tattwas


  1. Ikipr is easily one of the best people we have 🙂

  2. hehe, thanks Danny, coloring instructions are now scanned too as it was requested so…

  3. hello! You can disponibilized a donwload this cards, please! I`m a studante of doutrine Tattvas. sorry for my English. I´m from Brazil. thanks.

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