Dead Woman Blogging: Theresa Duncan at 10 Zen Monkeys

Interesting tidbit:

But a strange mystery lingers over one detail of Theresa’s story – the fact that rock star (and Scientologist) Beck pulled out of Theresa’s Alice movie. New York Magazine found a curious inconsistency in Beck’s statement to Vanity Fair that he’d “never met to discuss doing her film.” Blogger Emmanuelle Richard says she found an Italian interview where in fact, Beck gushes excitedly about preparing for his upcoming movie debut. (“It will be full of energy and full of characters: some kind of Alice in Wonderland set in the 70s… The director is a friend of mine and it will be her directorial debut. We will begin shooting in the Fall.”)

Full Story: 10 Zen Monkeys.

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  1. How do you know a Scientologist is lying?

    Their lips are moving

  2. Last night I got a link from another site that had 6 videos of the Scientology indoctrination film. While I was on there, it said site was under maintenance. And right after I watched them all, they disappeared. Now they’re only 2 left on there. Xenu strikes again. It was a kooky, creepy, “cheerleading for Scientology” flick. The Mission Impossible theme played right through it. How appropriate. This guy was the one who tried to get it out there. Too bad it wasn’t up longer.

    Here’s why Scientologists seem so “wooden”.

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