Prisoners ‘to be chipped like dogs’

And what about the wrongly accused? Putting all the “Big Brother”, conspiracy theories aside for a moment; they’ve discovered that implanting the VeriChip causes serious side effects. We don’t have any idea to what will come with long term use. So the act of implanting this in prisoners, is criminal in itself.

“Ministers are planning to implant “machine-readable” microchips under the skin of thousands of offenders as part of an expansion of the electronic tagging scheme that would create more space in British jails. Amid concerns about the security of existing tagging systems and prison overcrowding, the Ministry of Justice is investigating the use of satellite and radio-wave technology to monitor criminals. But, instead of being contained in bracelets worn around the ankle, the tiny chips would be surgically inserted under the skin of offenders in the community, to help enforce home curfews. The radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, as long as two grains of rice, are able to carry scanable personal information about individuals, including their identities, address and offending record.

The tags, labelled “spychips” by privacy campaigners, are already used around the world to keep track of dogs, cats, cattle and airport luggage, but there is no record of the technology being used to monitor offenders in the community. The chips are also being considered as a method of helping to keep order within prisons. A senior Ministry of Justice official last night confirmed that the department hoped to go even further, by extending the geographical range of the internal chips through a link-up with satellite-tracking similar to the system used to trace stolen vehicles. “All the options are on the table, and this is one we would like to pursue,” the source added.”

(via The Independent)


  1. They want to chip not only prisoners, but underage children (fear distilled through media: abduction, rape, murder, kidnapping, brainwashing, slavery, etc.). They must be the other ‘men in black’! They also want to chip fragile elderly folks, soldiers, sailor, air pilots, and eventually, all of us. RESIST! don’t let them fill you with fear & paranoia – call or write your congressional representatives, senators, mayors, governors – Everyone! maybe the ACLU or some other organization will take up this banner of personal freedom.

  2. No argument there. There are some on the far Christian right that think the ACLU is part of a “conspiracy”. If they believe that it’s “the mark of the beast”, who will help them?

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