How to build your own taser

Failed the background check your local taser party? No worries, build your own out of a disposable camera.


  1. Better video, better instructions, better taser…

    … thanks for inspiring me to seek out more!

  2. lmao….”now you could go down to the 7-11 and tase the guy behind the counter…” Niiice…I suppose thieves should now be wary of tourists carrying disposable cameras. Although if your attacker is 6’4, 200 pounds and high on meth I don’t think this device would do it.

  3. I have experienced that first hand! A friend of mine broke her disposable camera, and anything it touched shocked the fuck out of it.

  4. “You now know how to make a taser: You have been initiated.”

    “Initiated? That involves an ordeal!”


    G’night, folks. And I’m sorry… ;?)

  5. yea so is there any chance that it can kill the person it shocks.

  6. Caleb – there’s always a chance that police tasers will kill the person they shock, so the safe thing would be to assume the same thing about a homemade one.

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