the Manhatten Mussolini

Giuliani’s been almost forgotten lately thanks to all the media hype surrounding candidates like Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. But while Giuliani’s campaign is undeniably slipping, and Huckabee and Paul’s undeniably surging, Giuliani should not be discounted yet. Huckabee’s over taken Giuliani in most of the early states, and in some recent national polls. But Giuliani will still probably win California, and is still strong nationally. Also, it’s not clear that Huckabee’s momentum will last as more of his past starts to come to light (though there’s only a couple weeks left to deflate that momentum).

So these two recent pieces on Giuliani are still, I think, relevant.

First, Vanity Fair’s expose on Giuliani’s business dealings.

Second, American Conservative cover story on Giuliani’s foreign policy.

Also, here are two excellent older pieces on Giuliani:

New York Times on the racial politics of Rudy’s mayoral campaign.

Reason Magazine’s bio.