“Bangalore, India: To many Americans, the name evokes call centers and colorless office parks, anonymous places to which U.S. companies export work. But in a building on a quiet residential street downtown, an army of Indian animators is working to export their culture to the rest of the world. Their source material: The elaborate pantheon of Hindu mythology.

“In every state of India we’ve got, like, about a hundred different gods,” says Neha Bajaj, an editor at the fledgling Virgin Comics. “‘Cause everybody believes in a different god; they’ve got their own idol, and every idol is given its own name in every village. It’s vast – and it’s amazing!” Less than two years old, Virgin Comics has already published dozens of titles, with names like Sadhu, Ramayan, Uma and Kali. All of them are classic figures, and the staff here knows these stories from childhood.”

(via NPR)