Tantric Sex Teachers: Healers Or Hookers?

“What’s the difference between paying a crack whore for a handjob, and shelling out big bucks for a tantric sex teacher who’s got one hand on your groin and the other up your ass? Not much, some may say – both are considered prostitution because you’re paying for a sexual favor. Others would disagree and say tantric sex is healing, not sex, and therefore not prostitution at all.”

(via The Naughty American)

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  1. What is the intention of those engaging in the act? Tantra is most definitely about healing, waking up the soul, becoming conscious, aware of one’s soul’s purpose in the divine plan and scheme of themes. Sex, even with prostitute for money, can be a spiritual experience. Such is the nature of sex, so closely connected to the energy of Source. Energy moves through all chakras, the 7 main central chakras that run through the body. When activated it courses through all chakras and it of course moves through the genital chakra, thus it feels sexual.

    Tantra moves through all chakras, activates kundalini energy that resides at the base, heals wounds and moves out through the crown chakra reconnecting both healer and seeker back to GodSource. Hailing frequencies now open, energy moves back and forth through/to Source, back into the body and the healing process is continual.

    Maintaining a practice, reconnecting, fine-tuning, peeling the layers of the onion allow for longer, happier, more productive lives.

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