Okay, you can throw out those tin foil hats now…

“The thought screen helmet blocks telepathic communication between aliens and humans. An abductee who took voltage readings from a second helmet while wearing another one demonstrates that this communication is a form of electromagnetic energy. Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy. When aliens can’t communicate or control humans, they do not take them.”

(Stop Alien Abductions)

(via Mind Control 101)


  1. Breakthrough in Real Evidence for Alien Abductions

    Proof of the alien abduction phenomenon was achieved in January, 2007, when it was demonstrated that people claiming to be abducted by aliens actually receive a microwave signal. The signal was obtained by taking voltage readings with a standard multimeter from Velostat, the shielding material comprising a thought screen helmet and from the material itself. The material, called Velostat, is made by 3M.

    This is the first time that standard electronic instruments showed that people claiming to be abducted by aliens actually receive a microwave signal. The helmets are called Thought Screen Helmets by inventor Michael Menkin. The helmets scramble the signal thus stopping communication between aliens and humans, Menkin claims. He has been making helmets and sending them to people abducted by aliens for eight years.

    Although the source of the signals cannot be established, they can be considered positive evidence of alien abduction activity and they refute both skeptics and ufo investigators who claim that alien abductions are paranormal or supernatural. Any abduction victim with Velostat and a multimeter can obtain a reading which indicates a signal is being sent to them, Menkin claims.

    Thought screens were originated by science fiction writer E.E. Doc Smith. Michael Menkin invented real thought screens in 1999. After a year of testing different materials, Menkin found that hats containing Velostat did stop aliens from abducting humans.

    These breakthrough tests were obtained by a man in the United Kingdom who measured current from a thought screen helmet and from a piece of Velostat while he was wearing another thought screen helmet. The man had a history of being abducted by aliens. No current could be obtained from the other materials which he tested. The test cannot be performed by people who are not abductees because they don’t receive such a signal.

    Using his own funds, Menkin has made and sent thought screen helmets to people all over the world for eight years. For photos of meter readings that may indicate an alien signal see The site provides instructions for making successful thought screens. See Menkin’s other site, for information and other evidence of alien abductions.

    For more information contact inventor Michael Menkin at

  2. Thank you for that Michael. Just a suggestion. If you could do tests with Velostat against the Hypersonic Soundbeam they’re using on billboards to blast soundwaves through your skull and it WORKS; you could increase your market share quite a bit. (See Technoccult’s later post on “The Hypersonic Soundbeam”). Cheers!

  3. Martha Rose Crow

    October 24, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Aliens can take those helmets off your head. Fight ’em back where it really counts!

    The greys and greens are insectoids. Treat them like cockroaches. The best way to kill cockroaches is to use borax (in america, you can buy a box of it in the laundry soap part of grocery stores for about $2). If you can’t get borax, use boric acid, either liquid or powder.

    Put the borax or boric acid around your bed. When the “aliens” (I think they’re more demon than anything) come to get you, the powder will attach itself to them and eat through them. It will kill them if it gets in their eyes or their suits.

    You could also try other kinds of powder that has sharp edges to its molecules. Baby powder might work.

    Flouride probably works. I was once at a friend’s house when I was very young and saw a cockroach eat some toothpaste on the bathroom sink. It got sick real fast, did a few flips before it finally died. That’s how I knew that flouride was bad for you! If it kills cockroaches, it’s not good for you.

    Think about what kills bugs and go after the insectoid aliens with bug killers! They also don’t like pure light so devise ways to pop some photon light. Maybe sleep in photon light.

    Greys and greens are also of a hive mind. They get their orders through radio signals. Make a device to scramble the signals and watch them go nuts not knowing what to do.

    But do what you have to do to fight those fu*kers. Praying might help but the God of the Light (there are many gods) would expect you to do something to help yourself.

    Just squash some bugs.

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