Myspace allegedly removing images of runes

odal rune

I have no idea if this is true:

From what I have been able to figure out, the outcry started when a MySpace petition profile (now switched to a closed/private profile) to expand the religious labels for Pagan MySpacers beyond “Wiccan” or “Other” had its profile image removed by administrators due to its “offensive” nature. Since then there have been claims that other Heathen/Asatru profiles also had their runic symbols taken down.

Full Story: The Wild Hunt.

(via Lupa).

Anyone out there run into problems with this?

(Above: the rune Odal).


  1. I have not yet had this happen, and
    has used heavily runic imagery off and on for the last two or three years

  2. I’ve had the Eye of Horus up on the Wombaticus page forever, never had a problem or a complaint. Sounds like horseshit to me.

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