Finding The Others, the Portland Occulture way

Danny Chaoflux gives advice for occult groups based on our experiences with Portland Occulture:


Not an Occult group, but a group for Occult individuals.

The above has served as the simplest tenet behind PDXocculture.

There was a time when Occult groups served as the only place in which to find a network of quality subversive peers, but nowadays given advances in technology, they serve as a specific network to find a focused approach to particular styles of thought and schools of magical aesthetics.

Problematic issues with that setup are numerous, but there are those few examples which are doing it right, so I wont waste time disparaging the concept. The bigger question to ask is what the individual seeks out of their community.

PDXocculture began because there was the desire to have casual social situations in which people could mingle and discover one another, without any particular focus. With this scenario, good discussions are had and friendships naturally evolve.

Full Story: Irreality.

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  1. Matches my notes on the subject.

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