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process church of the final judgement

Here’s an extensive collection of Process related material, including photographs, Exit and other texts by by Robert DeGrimston, letters and recollections by former members, and various articles including a wacky article by a LaRouche follower called We Must Exit the Suicide Club: How the Counterculture Ushered in Fascism.

Gnostic Liberation Front: Process Church

Update: The parent site has some… questionable content. I do not endorse it.

Update 2: For even more on The Process Church, check out our dossier.

Update 3: The Church’s magazines have been collected in a book from Feral House called Propaganda and the Holy Writ of The Process Church of the Final Judgment


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    … on October 3 2007.

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  3. Like the Voyager space craft, the further away I travel from my point of origin the faster I get.

  4. This guy’s(Adel 156) site is one of my favs. He has a bunch of DeGrimston’s writings under Esoterrorism. Here’s a link:


  5. I have photocopies of the Processeans and Founders that B. Tripp from Eschaton Books sent me almost a decade ago. Danny knows how to get a hold of me if you’re interested.

  6. i was a member of the Process New Orleans community in the 1970’s. My copy of Exit was destroyed due to flooding from Hurricane I have searched and called used bookstores in an attempt to find a copy. Can anyone out there help me? David Maurer

  7. I’m looking for the magazines – anyone know where i can get them from?

  8. I found this website articles useful regarding The Process Church, though the commentaries by Thomas about splitter groups of “satanists” killing was rather stupid because of X Process members, who where mad about the split. Anyone who does any study regarding the satanic panic knows killings associated with satanism is usually really just inverse Xianity Devil worship as an open public act of rebellion against Xianity in of itself. The so-called murdering satanitic panic has been so debunked it is not even entertaining anymore.

    Though like many organized groups from the 60’s there where various competing ideas of which direction to go. The Process was probable no different from this era of the 60’s and early 70’s, being that The process was abandoned and the group went on to being just a judeuo/xian mix. That is probable the whole reason not very many who where apart of The Process really what or need to see a new fangled Process group in public, there is just too much past baggage. These people from The Process also probable realized that the public image of The Process was attracting the wrong kinds of people, the kinds of subhuman slim who wanted to use The Process writings to justify their own psychotic justifications to kill. Organized Judaism and Xianity have been doing the same with the bible for over 2000 years.

    It is not all that surprising that The Process Church was not really going to fly in the face of the everyday modern world like say any modern Xian organization does today. The idea of Christ/Satan and Jehovah/Lucifer as opposing forces overall in the grand scheme of things was just not going to sit well with everyday society. Everyday society can barely handle the Church of Satan still functioning and it is used all the time to lump killers and criminals in league of this group, which goes in opposite direction in the face of it’s own organizational guidelines. Criminals are removed or denied admittance into the Church of Satan Organization when discovered. Even the Free Masons removes criminals from their organization when discovered; there is a good solid reason to do so. Dark age Witch hunts have happened under less supported evidence.

    Anyway if anyone out there still has access to the inner writings of The Process that did not make it into the public, I would be interested and eternally grateful as well. I have a private interest in obscure Occultic, Gnostic, and even unusual religious groups. I have been researching and studying these topics for over 25 years now for just my own general knowledge and to weed through what is created by the public hype and sensationalism. I would be interested in any and all of the BI writings that where spread out among the various chapter groups, as well as the Process newsletter editions that where circulated as free from public donations. So if anyone here knows how to find or get access to The Process Church original writings shoot me a hey you.

  9. Publications will again be put on sale. If you would like to receive the sale announcement, please forward an email address to me at processean@yahoo.com.

    If you are an former or current Processean and would like to be put in touch with others, please email me.

  10. i’ve got a copy of the process magazine issue 3 (mick jagger interview).

    interested ?


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