The atheists’ revolt

Nigel Willmott at the Guardian asks if Richard Dawkins is the new Martin Luthor:

But one man does not make a revolution – political or intellectual; Luther tapped into all the sources of dissatisfaction in his world and very quickly found enthusiastic adherents. And what is interesting about Dawkins is that there seems to be a growing following for his uncompromising views. Over the past two or three years, for instance, Dawkins’ assaults on religion have generated more letters to the Guardian by far than any other single topic. As the religious communities have united to counterattack, secularists and members of the scientific community have become increasingly strident about “superstitious belief in unverifiable beings in the sky”. From being passive a-theists, they are becoming active anti-theists; no longer just critics of the existing religious superstructure of our world, but iconoclasts seeking to radically change or abolish it.

Full Story: The Guardian.

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  1. So where does this leave the Occult community? Off-radar as usual? Crowley was an atheist and a mystic, for instance, so how does this atheist/deist polarisation account for such attitudes? Not everyone researching and experimenting with Magick has a reductionist attitude?

    Can you battle fundamentalism with fundamentalism? And how many quarks can dance on the tip of an archangels feather or vicey versy?

    Quarks have feathers, don’t’cha know… ;?)

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