What We Can Learn From The Lunatic Fringe?

perpetual motion machine

We’ve all heard claims of green inventions that are too good to be true: the zero-point energy generator, the water-powered car, the device for talking with dolphins to achieve world peace. Sometimes they amuse us; sometimes they confuse us, as we try to determine whether they’re legitimate or not; and sometimes they just annoy us. But can they ever help us? Yes: by keeping our imaginations open, and by honing our evaluation skills — skills which are useful both when deciding between existing technologies, and when thinking about technologies on the

Full Story: WorldChanging.

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  1. WOW .. this is so ridiculous its not funny…
    OF course there is over unity and water powered cars Japans been selling them a while now.. police car across the states drive water assisted cars people by this device right on ebay… lol
    Its the government and big oil and friends using the media to suppress all this. but who but the gullible and media type would buy their propaganda.

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