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OVO, a zine that’s been published by my friend Trevor Blake since 1987 (home to Hakim Bey’s first published works and later became part of The Temporary Autonomous Zone), now has a blog. If the annual OVO issues and Trevor’s regular contributions on American Samizdat don’t quench your needs for hatred of religion, obscure counter culture gems, DIY projects, and, well, other stuff, then check it out.

OVO: Atheist Blog.


  1. Over at OVO, Trevor clarifies:

    “I can only claim to have published some of Hakim Bey’s earlier published works, probably not his first. Among those works were essays that later appeared in the book TAZ The Temporary Autonomous Zone. See these works in an earlier form in OVO 2, OVO 7 Information, OVO 10 Mayhem and OVO 11 Control. See the more recent OVO 16 AntiChrist for another exclusive piece by Bey. “

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