The shocking truth about Kos (and 9/11)

A bunch of lefty blogs have recently compiled a bunch of data about Markos Moulitsas, proprietor of Daily Kos. They sound just as absurd as O’Reilly as they point out the following shocking truths about Kos:

1. He isn’t technically an “immigrant” since he was born in Chicago before moving back to El Salvador.

2. After the dot-com bubble burst, he applied for a job with the C.I.A in 2001 but later turned it down (but he can’t PROVE that he isn’t actually an undercover agent!).

3. He was a Republican when he was a teenager. He even worked on Henry Hyde’s campaign – when he was 17, not even old enough to vote.

4. He’s in favor of “state’s rights” (which apparently makes him a pro-slavery racist).

5. He has some rich relatives who may have been involved in some sketchy things in El Salvador.

Oh, and he was born on September 11, which some bloggers have insisted on emphasizing in bold. Are they suggesting the CIA planned 9/11 and made it happen on the birthday of their newest recruit (the guy with the oh so important job of infiltrating the blogosphere) on purpose as a little signature of their handy work (and people think Alex Jones is a crank).

So here’s the thing: Kos is not a socialist, anarchist, or pacifist and never claimed to be. He supported the invasion of Afghanistan and is pro-capitalism. This is not a secret, but it seems like everytime some liberal blogger finds this out they’re shocked. Daily Kos is a partisan, Democratic Party blog. (If you don’t like Daily Kos, read American Samizdat).

I have plenty of disagreements with Kos (here’s an example), so don’t read this as an endorsement of his politics (or his business practices). I just find it stupid that people are reading so much into the activities of his family, his politics as a teenager, and his application for employment at the C.I.A.

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  1. That’s hilarious that he was born on September 11! Of course this doesn’t mean anything to those who aren’t superstitious. But to superstitious people, that fact combined with the fact that he spent six months at the CIA in Washington is portentous of something very devious. It’s a sign. Nothing more.

    There’s nothing wrong, in my opinion, with being born on September 11. But, combined with the six months at the CIA and the fact that he won’t tell us who a single member of his family is, I believe this is conclusive evidence that MAMZ is NOT a progressive and never was and never will be.

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