1. I’ve been using Yahoo! a lot longer and don’t want to change my e-mail address. The reason I signed up for Yahoo! Mail in the first place was that I was tired of changing my e-mail address and just wanted one address that I could rely on forever (and Yahoo! was better than Hotmail). So I’ve never been thrilled about making the jump to another e-mail service.

2. I can drag and drop messages between folders in Yahoo! Mail. Just one of those small conveniences that can really make a difference. The “label” and “search, don’t sort” motto of gmail doesn’t really work that well for me. I’d rather be able to quickly drag an e-mail into a container (reply, todo, save, etc) rather than type a label on it and let everything pile up.

3. Yahoo! Mail now offers unlimited storage. After Gmail started offering 1 gig of storage space, Yahoo! quickly moved to 2 gigs (or at least they did for premium users, I forgot what they offered for free). Yahoo!’s managed to stay ahead in the storage game, and now it’s unlimited for everyone.

4. My Yahoo! Premium account has no ads. My premium account only costs $20 a year. Originally I shelled it out for the extra storage (no longer an issue, see above) but I’ve gotten used to not having ads on my e-mail, and:

5. My Yahoo! Premium account as a “archive” feature that lets me back-up my mail and attachments. I can back everything up, maintaining my folder structure. You can grab all your Gmail with POP or IMAP but then you’ll lose all your labels.