Klaxons – Magick

Move over Tool, there’s a new occult band in town.

(Via Wes Unruh and sn00p).


  1. Tool will not be moving over for Klaxons, because Klaxons aren’t very good musicians and are being painfully gimmicky with their occultness.

    Try this instead.

  2. I like Tool a lot more, but something tells me the Klaxons will sell many more records 😉

    Thanks for the Sleepytime vid… I just saw Moe! Staiano last night. He was awesome.

  3. Klaxons have a pop sensibility that makes them gel coated for easy consumption.

    While I really dig the visuals (I want to know where that door in the beginning is!) in that Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum… The shit choral music is part of the reason I hated going to church as a kid.

    There was a good month or two I’d walk through my local Tesco and see the Klaxons’ album right there with it’s chaotic but attractive cover that magnetically pulled me to it. Slip it in their milk.

  4. Also… the encapsulation can be great for sigilization.

    Reading reviews for things like VNV Nation… No one makes note of their gnostic underpinnings and they don’t realize why their music seems like such an energy amplifier.

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