Richard Dawkins on faith, at Pop!Tech 2006

Richard Dawkins believes science’s ability to admit ignorance is one of its greatest strengths. On the flip side, he proposes that faith all remains arrogant and all too certain of its validity without any rational set of proofs.

I’ve been watching all the speakers posted up on the Pop!Tech site and this was by far one of my favourites. Dawkins: 1. Faith: uhh, still millions, but whatever. Dawkins makes excellent points.

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  1. Very interesting.
    I expected him to come off as pompous (southpark), and he seemed passionate and thoughtful.
    His comments regarding a “world with more than we can imagine on heaven and earth” and religions insisting on having “little gods”, welcome as I generally expect materialists to be wonder killers (which i not sure he quite is – see information over hyle comments).

    Nevertheless, whether or not Dawkins would agree – i believe that one shouldn’t limit ones beliefs to those that can be “proved” as many valid, useful and beautiful ideas aren’t capable of being statistically quantifiable.
    “Faith” is negative when the beliefs it instills are blatant lies, practically crippling and dreary junk.

    When you plant seeds inside your mind,
    By their fruit shall you know them.

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