1. Thanks for that book! I’ve read a lot of RAW’s books but never seen this one before. It’s quite funny and well worth reading for any RAW fan. Not a major work admittedly, but it has a lot of themes and characters which would occupy his books in years to come.

  2. No one seems to have noticed this, but the first page of chapter one is missing (namely page 5); page 6 starts off with the word “Research”.

  3. This book is a great laugh…I first thought it was written by a perverse college kid living in fantasy land!! Only worrying thing is Robert Anton Wilson was double the age of a hormonal teenager by then…Fnord…your only hacked off that you thought page 5 was involving a lesbian clinch…I’m not sure how credible the rest of his writing is but if this book is anything to go by I think I’ll pass on them…Stupid and wasted an hour of my time…although might give to my teenage son…he’ll appreciate its lack of story but frequent derogatory & sexist (not to mention unrealistic) descriptions of women which fit with either young immature hormonal boys or uneducated & sexually inadequate men and their antediluvian fantasies of women.

  4. i have the missing pages! ill compile a new pdf and see what the best means of uploading it is. any suggestions?

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