A Voyage to Arcturus

A Voyage to Arcturus

The full text of the gnostic sci-fi novel A Voyage to Arcturus, a book Alan Moore cites as one of the best underrated books of all time, is available for free on the Gutenberg Project.

A Voyage to Arcturus full text

You can also buy it in print, though the edition with an introduction by Alan Moore appears to be out of print.


  1. 1972..Manhattan bookstore..a stranger proffered a copy of Voyage to Arcturus..1989..Beaverton, Oregon..5×5/ five copies of Journey to Lucifer and five copies of Chrome(Nader) an impossible positioning..Bloom is not a member of the immovable race..Lindsay is probationary..Nader is preexistent..funny how that goes..it took 7 years for me to read Chrome/because of its “queer style”….all in that last chapter..remember Robot Monster/Should i or shouldn’t i…the first movie the child sees..2012/Hopi/Montsegur/Nag Hammadi/all the same…a few calvinistic boobs might gain passage on that sailing ship Dec.21-23 2012…..

  2. Octoff Malhiero

    June 27, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    The Jack Vance people are being
    mean to me…
    I have included Lindsay with Vance as
    two of the 10 greatest of all-time.

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