armed america

Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes .

Donno: I own guns for the same reason I own fire extinguishers — while I certainly don’t expect or hope for a worst case scenario, should one present itself, I am prepared to take an active role in ensuring that my family survives…. I grew up with guns in the house that were used regularly to put food on our table. I’ve known gun safety inside and out since I was a child. I’m confident my son will grow up with the same understanding [and] handle them with the same respect and care … whether he chooses to own guns or not.

(via Post Atomic).


American Gun Culture Report is a zine published out of Portland as an alternative to the gun press status quo. Their Myspace page has some sample articles and ordering information. Their article deconstructing the gun press (not featured on the site) is an excellent exploration of what’s wrong with the state of gun advocacy in the States.

(Thanks to zinemeister Trevor Blake for giving me a copy).