Do Libras Live Longer?

Peter Austin wasn’t a bit surprised when he found evidence of what appears to be a strong link between specific astrological signs and life-threatening medical problems. Is it possible that our health is really determined by the zodiac, or the sign under which each of us was born?

Well, no, despite the fact that Austin’s research seems to prove that a Taurus is more likely to suffer a broken neck, a Pisces more likely to have heart failure, and a Virgo more likely to vomit during pregnancy. I’m a Gemini, so I should be drunk right now, because the study, which encompassed the health records of more than 10 million Canadians, shows that a Gemini is very likely to suffer from alcohol dependency.

Full Story: ABC News.

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  1. The exact time of birth, and complete astrological chart is a different story than just going with the sun,rising and moon sign. Also, some astrologers claim that the sidereal time (Vedic)is more accurate than Greenwich time. Which would bring most planets into the preceding sign. Not being a “fatalist”, I have to agree that one’s life expectancy cannot be determined by their sun sign.

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