How the Brain “Sees” the Future

Whether imagining the future or recalling the past, the human mind calls on the same brain regions

Neuroscientists for the first time have identified regions of the brain involved in envisioning future events. Using brain imaging, researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that the human mind taps into the same parts of the brain while imagining the future as it does when recollecting the past. This means that the brain apparently predicts the course of future events by imagining them taking place much like similar past ones.

Read the full story via Scientific American.


  1. Now this makes sense to me…unless, of course, it’s just another case of psycho-physical parallelism…but isn’t that most of neuroscience? I’m too busy stuck moving from past to future and back again to know.

  2. Makes sense to me. It explains why visualization is so potent in ritual. Everything is a circle, the one returns to the other. It also explains why it’s so hard to break our old habits. Some NLP, visualization, meditation,& ritual=change.

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