1. I’m not trusting that book enough to preorder… but as soon as it is actually available it’s mine. 🙂

  2. I foolishly gave my copy to a friend many years ago, never dreaming that it would end up as one of the most sought after (and expensive) paperbacks in existence. I could never bring myself to pay the price to pick it up again, but at $26, sure. The contents run the gamut from cutting edge to over the top, but certainly worth the new edition price. It’s probably worth it just for the instructions on television divination. A lot of the material on tantric kalas is, um, sort of funky, but I can’t say I have enough expertise to really claim that it’s not correct.

  3. I read the VGW years ago through Interlibrary loan based on the hype around it.
    It doesn’t deserve the hype.
    Its like a really long zine made by Kenneth Grant while the writing less sensible, the metaphysics more insane and more musings depraved, in a bad way.
    An amusing browse if you can read it for free. I would not recommended paying for it.

  4. Screw Wal-mart! They put some of my friends out of business. Order it through your local independent bookseller instead!

  5. Screw Walmart indeed. Still, there’s something delightfully perverse about such an off-the-wall book (one that sends even many occultists for a loop) available through America’s ubiquitous retail leviathan.

    If your going to buy this or any book, independent booksellers should be your first choice, and Walmart your last. Still, can you imagine if the VGW were to be read by a wide swath of the population? Good gawd!

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