Trailer for The Number 23

Yup, it’s coming. 23 has manifested in Hollyshitwood. Will it be good? Hard to say.

Statistically, what is the ratio of “good” that comes out of there? It’s a Joel Schumacher film. He has Falling Down to his credit (more of Michael Douglas’s doing, me thinks), and some fans of Flatliners, Tigerland (which I enjoyed), and The Lost Boys. Giving him a half-point for the last three, we’ll call that two and a half decent full films out of the 24 listed directorial entries (to date) on IMDb, which gives him an 10.4% chance to make another decent film. Take into account that the screenwriter attached to The Number 23 hasn’t done anything prior to it… and we’re looking at a winner. Yay.

More scientificalistically, taking all the IMDb rankings for his 24 films wields us an overall average of 6.18 for Schumacher films. More yay.


  1. This is actually great, since it ties the 23rdian thing back into SATAN [oh noes!].

    So it turns out the Church of Satan has had it right all these years, people will call anything that deviates out of the norm Satanism, and they may be right for it, heh.

    Im feeling nostalgic, wheres my black metal? ;p

  2. fuck yes. there’s some crazy neopsychedelicism going on in that shit

  3. “Lets take ‘Conspiracy Theory’, ‘The Ring’ and ‘Pi’ blend them together and put it out.

    I say it’s gonna be a shit waste of time that makes a ton of money.

  4. What about Harry and the Hendersons?

  5. this looks REALLY cheesy!

  6. Between this and the DaVinci Code, my entire repetoire of dinner party conversation has been rendered obsolete 😉

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