LaVey on Satanism

From Satanis (which Danny Chaoflux was kind enough to loan me, and is actually pretty good).


  1. Ha ha! I thought this film was pretty good, too.

  2. What a crock: this part where he is saying that no religion has ever been based on the carnal needs of man!

    In general though, I never realized just how “ordinary” he and his philosophy seems. Taken in the light of all the other groups at the time during the sixties and seventies, it seems completely par for the course what he’s saying.

    Is the whole film just him speaking like this?

  3. It does seem tame, but even today “satanism” still seems offensive – if he’d said and done all the same things and given it a different name it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal.

    No, the documentary also features films of actual rituals, interviews with his neighbors, etc. The fun parts are his neighbor’s reactions.

  4. Interesting how I found that ‘docu’ on youtube the same day you posted it. It worked great with a paper I wrote on Nietzchean influence in LaVey’s version of Satanism (check out my link).

  5. I guess wordpress didn’t like that link. Meh, interesting clip nonetheless.

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